Program & Workshop Development:

Susan Adler, who studied under the tutelage of Tom Supenski recognized clay sculptor, and several other known artists for other mediums, NPR writer and author Andrei Codrescu, began offering workshops to adults and children as well as private art lessons more than twenty years ago. She studied early childhood development through the arts at Antioch. She also has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Towson State University and studied dance at Peabody Conservatory and was the first caucasion to dance with the African-American dance troupe at Morgan State University.

"Susan worked with our Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad members (ages 6-13) on separate occasions -once in delivering a unique and interesting performance  workshop called Create Visions: The klds loved it. The other was a Found Object Arts workshop.  Susan was creative, caring, and very responsive to the children while not only teaching, but managing a large group of energetic youngsters full of spontaneous requests. We were so pleased with every facet of her program. Susan exceeded all of our expectations." Pat Maldi - Events and Communications Consultant, Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad, CA


  • Arts Camp - The Arts Center, Carrboro, NC
  • Creative Clay - Hand-building clay for children, The JCC, Durham, NC JCC
  • Create Visions - Boys and Girls Club, Carlsbad CA
  • Bottlemania - Towson State University
  • Create Visions - Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD

Children explore the concepts of balance, problem-solving and strategy as they attempt to make sculpture by repurposing discarded plastic bottles. Lessons are about sustainability, recycling, balance of objects as well as balance of life, and of course strategic problem solving. All lessons are offered in a fun, uplifting and motivating style.

Create Visions©:

Is a multi-arts performance workshop where students become part of a cavalcade of nonsense characters created by Susan Adler George. Motivated by Susan's characters, the students then develop their own characters and use dance, music, and found-object art for costumes to create a musical or play. Problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and empathy are are take-away lessons. Unique. Fun. Inspiring.

The Arts Center (Carrboro, NC_

MiniArts Camp = The Arts Center

Creative Clay at the JCC - 2015 (Durham, NC)

Create Visions© - (Carlsbad, CA)

Bottlemania, Towson State University (MD)

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for bringing your sculpture project to our summer art camp. The children were thoroughly engaged and loved working on the project." Bonnie Reynolds, Director, Community Art Center, Towson University.

Create Visions, Theatre Project (Baltimore, MD)

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